The National Tooling and Machining Association (NTMA)

    LA/NTMA is the largest of 35 regional chapters within the NTMA. Combined, they represent more than 440,000 employees of the precision manufacturing industry throughout the United States. Its mission is to help them achieve business success in a global economy through advocacy, advice, networking, information, programs and services. NTMA’s nearly 1,300 member companies design and manufacture tools, dies, jigs, fixtures, gages, special machines and precision machined parts.


    The National Tooling and Machining Association (NTMA), a national organization of independent shops engaged in precision manufacturing, is incorporated in Ohio.

    The Southern California Tool and Die Association (SCTDA) is formed. A primary goal of SCTDA is to train personnel for work in the growing field of precision machining in Southern California.

    The Los Angeles Chapter of the NTMA is formed. In 1974, SCTDA joins with the Los Angeles chapter. The new organization, called LA/NTMA, soon becomes the largest chapter of the NTMA.

    LA/NTMA continues its rich history of machinist training. We are involved in programs for entry-level machinists, apprenticeships, and advanced CNC training. We convene monthy membership meetings filled with valuable information. We hold plant tours, roundtable discussions, and talks by experts about aspects of precision manufacturing and business management. They create a non-competitive venue to exchange ideas and discuss issues of mutual interest with your industry peers.

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