NTMA Training Centers

    Technical training schools, both non-profit and tuition-based, have long been the source for the manufacturing sector. They turn out well-trained job seekers who may be certified in several skills attractive to employers. From machinists and welders to metal fabricators and CAD/CAM operators, there are jobs waiting.

    For over 50 years, NTMA Training Centers of Southern California have been training machinists.

    Our goal has been to ready a workforce that our manufacturers need.  Whether someone is unskilled or under skilled, we provide the training required by companies and our entire sector.  We meet the challenges many employers face through our program’s curriculum and “hands on” student projects. 

    We consistently review our entire facility, programs and staff toward delivering the talent and skills our industry demands. The Southern California manufacturing sector is experiencing incredible transformational strains, and we accept the responsibility to help train the current and future workforce.  

    Visit our website, www.trainingcenters.org for more information or call us, 800-962-6862. 

    Celebrating 50 years of changing lives and businesses through training.