Classes are subject to change without prior notice.


    Welcome Reception  & Opening Remarks




    Classes are subject to change without prior notice.



    Breakfast Keynote & Interactive Session:
    Delegate and Elevate - Take More Off Your Plate to Empower Others and Focus on Your Unique Ability by Pete Honsberger, CultureShoc

    One unfortunate by-product that comes with growth and success is busyness, i.e. the weight of the world and all of its responsibilities falling on the leader/manager/high performer. End this cycle of stress by working toward a laser-focus on the roles & responsibilities that bring you, and the business, the most value. Delegate and Elevate is a concept that is life-changing for those who pay attention and put it into action. Pete Honsberger will lead the group to this crucial decision.



    Lunch Keynote:
    Omar Nashashibi, The Franklin Partnership
    Dean Bartles, NTMA President starts off
    lunch with information about NTMA


    The 2020 Presidential campaign formally kicks off with the new Congress being sworn in on January 3, 2019 following a contentious midterm election. In his first two years in Washington, President Trump has fulfilled his promise to disrupt business as usual in Washington, and throughout the world. Following major victories in his first two years cutting taxes and rolling back regulations, the next two years bring uncertainty in trade and the U.S. involvement on the world stage.

    NTMA’s lobbyist in Washington, D.C., Omar S. Nashashibi with The Franklin Partnership, will provide an insider’s view into how the makeup of Congress will impact the remaining years in President Trump’s first term, what may happen with tariffs, and efforts to reform the government’s role in apprenticeships. This is an opportunity to help your business plan for the unexpected as Washington continues to impact every aspect of the manufacturing process from inputs to labor to shipping.

    Meet NTMA’s new President, Dr. Dean Bartles. Dr. Bartles will discuss NTMA and future of our association.

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    How to Leverage Digital Transformation to Save Time and Increase Revenue for Your Shop by Jeremy Goodwin, SyncFab



    As emerging technologies like Blockchain and Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) increase in adoption, machine shops have a chance to leverage the same technology to streamline operations, increase trust and drive more revenue at scale. The technology is here to take advantage of today. You’ll learn how innovative shops just like yours are using blockchain-enabled platforms like SyncFab RIGHT NOW to enable faster quotes, fill idle capacity and tap into the power of CESMII’s network to source new orders faster and cheaper than the status quo. With Industry 4.0 around the corner, we’ll discuss the potential of connecting your machines online to apply technologies like Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence to your shop’s manufacturing data to optimize the supply chain for increased profitability and to become the Smart Factory of the Future.



    Conversational  Programming to Help
    Fill the Skills Gap by Steven Holmes, Siemens


    The manufacturing workforce is aging and a new generation is being called on to fill those jobs. Many are unable to speak the traditional language of the CNC machine tool (G-Code). And, even fewer have a point of reference to draw from that connects them to G-code.
    The main points included are the language barrier presented by traditional G-and-M-coded control languages, and how a conversational-based format can help attract the next generation of programmers and operators.


    Digital Manufacturing and What to
    Consider in Your Workshop by
    Gisbert Ledvon, Heidenhain Corporation


    • We’ll have a global overview on digital manufacturing trends.
    • What are the steps to implement digital manufacturing in your shop.
    • We will discuss how to take advantage of existing equipment in the shop to step into digital manufacturing.
    • What should be considered when selecting the next machine tool for your shop keeping Digital Manufacturing Process (DMP) in mind.
    • How to engage the team, so they buy into the DMP?
    • Small lot sizes versus production environment, what are critical data to collect?


    Roundtable, Bob Mosey

    Join us for a Roundtable with other business owners, production managers, and manufacturing professionals to share best practices, challenges, and opportunities. Come with an open mind and be prepared to participate.

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    PAVE Your Way to Effective Leadership by
    Michael Watkins, The Alchemy Group

    The latest labor figures estimate that approximately 10,000 Baby Boomers retire every day. Retiring Baby Boomers combined with a 3% unemployment rate yields a really tight labor market. We are all experiencing it. Your primary workforce planning strategy should be a strong employee retention strategy.
    PAVE Your Way to Effective Leadership describes the four elements that leaders need to bring to the table for themselves and for their employees:
    P – Passion
    A – Aptitude
    V – Vision
    E – Empathy
    When leaders create an environment where employees are operating in their PAVE elements at least 75% of time, then retention is sustainable for the long run.


    Diversify Your Wealth Beyond Your
    Business: How to Prosper in the
    New Tax Environment by
    Scott Petersen, Tax and Financial Group

The New Tax Environment for Business Owners - C-Corp vs. Pass-Through Entity Summary
    • Overview of Tax Rates – Personal Income and Investment…What’s Changed?
    • Taxes: Pay Now or Pay Later? – The IRS Always Gets Its Pound of Flesh
    • Diversifying Away From Your Business – Creating Liquidity for Financial Independence
    • Tying It All Together – How a Financial “Game Plan” Can Help Provide Clarity and Direction



    Pitfalls and Pratfalls in Employee Relations by
    Pascal Benyamini, Drinker Biddle & Reath


    Do you want to minimize risks of lawsuits? This seminar will cover best practices, including do’s and don’ts, concerning the following topics:
Employee Conflict Management
    • Wage and Hour Issues Impacting Employers Nationwide;
    • Workplace Safety
    • National Labor Relations Act and the National Labor Relations Board in the Non-Union Context
    Your management team is sure to come away with invaluable tips and practices.


    CRUSH Complacency by Pete Honsberger, Integrator, Lead Facilitator, CultureShoc

    What do you do when your team, your business, or even you fall into a rut? How do you even know this is starting to happen to you? In this session, learn how to identify the 3 Cs that identify “complacency” both individually and as a team, learn what you can do immediately to crush it before it spreads. Join other high performers in creating aligned teams that execute a vision with a sense of urgency, not complacency. Also, learn how “20 seconds of insane courage” can kickstart the transformation.

    BREAKOUT 3    

    Improving Process Times by Broc Bryson, MSC

    Broadening the focus on overall cycle time. As an industry we often focus on making a machining cycle time faster. There are a lot of products and techniques outside of actual chip cutting time that can significantly impact production rates. This session will focus on several of those concepts.


    Is Additive Manufacturing a Workforce
    Development Strategy?
    By Kirk Rogers, The Barnes Group Advisors

    Kirk will discuss how industrially relevant Additive Manufacturing (AM) modalities such as fused deposition modeling, laser powder bed fusion, and electronic beam powder bed fusion are changing the economics of manufacturing. As that economy is evolving, developing a new skill set in the workforce is essential to continued success in manufacturing. The change in manufacturing methods necessitates a new set of design skills, manufacturing skills, and knowledge of AM materials performance vs. conventional manufacturing materials and methods. Some real-world examples and opportunities will be presented.


    Improving The Bottom Line – Using NTMA Financial Benchmarking Results by John Mackay
, Mackay Research Group

    Manufacturers, including NTMA members, are facing one of the most challenging economies in recent times. This presentation offers a wake-up call for manufacturers and a call to action. NTMA members face several challenges — globalization, the nation’s chronic deficits, and a shortage of skilled labor. China’s successes, industrial might, and technological prowess remind us of ways in which ‘that used to be us’. And yet, the seminar makes a case that the resurgence of American manufacturing is within reach. The program shows how, when properly understood, NTMA’s Operating Costs & Executive Compensation (OCEC) study results offer a formula for prosperity that will enable precision tooling & machining shops to cope successfully with the challenges today’s NTMA members face. This seminar spells out what manufacturers need to do now to sustain the American dream and re-establish American manufacturing dominance in the world.


    Motivating Employees with Incentives That Work by Mae Lon Ding, President of Personnel Systems Associates of Anaheim Hills

    Mae Lon is one of the top speakers and consultants in the area of compensation and performance management. She teaches compensation design, management, and legal issues for the professional certification program of WorldatWork and has taught at the University of California Irvine and other universities. Mae Lon will share with us current techniques, how to design employee compensation so that it motivates performance, the pros and cons of different incentive compensation techniques how to use non-monetary rewards, and more.


    SUNDAY, FEBRUARY 10, 2019
    Classes are subject to change without prior notice.


    Breakfast Keynote:
    Uncopyable: How To Create An Unfair Advantage Over Your Competition by Steve Miller, The Adventure, LLC

    If your manufacturing business faces intense competition and price pressure, needs new ideas for business growth, or is devolving towards commodity status, learn how to definitively separate yourself from the competition!
    Marketing Gunslinger Steve Miller will share insights from his book of the same title. Steve recently spoke at IMTS 2018 and is the voice of the IMTS monthly marketing and branding series.
    You’ll learn:
    • The three foundation blocks of Uncopyable
    • How to PLUS the three blocks with Uncopyable Secret Sauce
    • Why your current marketing approach is probably backward
    • How to minimize and maybe even eliminate price from your competitive strategy
    • How to create an unbreakable attachment with your customers
    • How your new Uncopyable status can explode referrals


    The Movement from Multi-tasking to Hybrid Manufacturing by Rudy Canchola, Mazak

    In today’s market, more and more parts are needing faster turnaround times at lower costs. Multi-Tasking Machines allow you to complete a part in a single operation while reducing your setup times. In this class, we will start with the history of Mazak as an organization and how they created the Multi-Tasking Machine market. We will cover the different architectures available in the industry and each of their benefits and shortcomings. From a functionality standpoint, we will discuss different types of synchronization, the reasoning behind each one, and their best case uses. By showcasing some examples through case studies, we aim to highlight the higher value work our customers can obtain by utilizing these types of machines to their full potential. Finally, we will look to the future and the use of Hybrid Multi-Tasking machines.


    Industry 4.0 is Here, Industry 4.0 is Here,
    Raminder Sandhu, Robotics and Automation Practice Lead,
    California Manufacturing Technology Consulting
    & Gautam Kavipurapu, Ectron Corporation

    The relationship between customers and those in the machining & tooling industry has changed. Customers have a greater impact on how companies plan production. They’re informed about products and services before making a decision. This is the on-demand economy. We’re in the fourth industrial revolution: Industry 4.0. Working toward digitization, automation, and a seamless supply chain can be daunting. Learn how cutting-edge technologies like IoT, Machine Learning, and shop floor machine integration will help you gain efficiencies that enable the operationalization of business strategy and culture change.


    Cybersecurity and Your Business: You will be hacked, protect yourself! By Tim Coates, Resource Computer Solutions

    Every company needs a proactive Cyber/IT continuity and recovery plan! Learn how to defend yourself!


    Risk Management by Christopher Caves by Federated Insurance

    How to effectively develop leadership roles in the business to generate a culture of safety. Designated risk managers are key!


    A New Day for Apprenticeship by Tracy DiFillippis, Goodwill, SoCal

    With the advent of the Executive Order on Apprenticeship (June 2017), the final report of the Task Force on Apprenticeship (May 2018), and the $150M released by the US DOL (July 2018) to accelerate expansion, the “tried and true” earn and learn model has received a tremendous amount of national, state, and local attention. From National Aerospace Primes and Industry Associations to a statewide college system of 114 community colleges, the motivation to expand this age-old work-based learning method could not be greater. Goodwill Southern California has matured as the Manufacturing Workforce Intermediary for the Los Angeles region. Since August 2017 Strong Workforce Apprenticeship Group (SWAG) has doubled in size serving production occupations among multiple small manufacturers. SWAG is the partnership between a non-profit and a community college. How did this happen without a focused initiative? Learn how industry drives the future of this historic model of learning into the future. It is easier than you imagined!


    Scaling Apprenticeship Through Sector-Base Strategies by Mark Lashinske, Modern Industries

    Mark Lashinske will cover information about non-registered apprenticeship programs for advanced manufacturing that NIMS supports. He will also update attendees on the status of NIMS and NTMA-U working together in an effort to increase awareness about 3D printing, quality and apprenticeship training.


    Program Conclusion