Member Profile: Ivan Rosenberg

    Name, title position:
    Ivan Rosenberg, Executive Director, The Aerospace & Defense Forum

    How does your business help other small businesses?
    Monthly chapter meetings provide a forum to exchange information, networking, meet potential customers, learn about trends and how to prepare for them, and hear from industry leaders.

    What do you think manufacturers should be paying attention to that they might not be now?
    The impact on their business of long term trends such as new technologies (additive manufacturing, composites, robotics, etc.), the reduction of the number of suppliers by customers, and globalization, e.g., exporting.

    What’s the best part of your business day?
    Seeing a large number of people engaged in conversations after a chapter meeting. When people let me know how the A&D Forum made a significant difference in their business.

    Technology is changing rapidly. What opportunities do you see on the horizon for both manufactures and your own business?
    In times of change and uncertainty, those who provide something unique and of value and are clear about their intended future will do the best. The optimal strategy is to think long term, be clear what you stand for (values, principles) and deliver (products and services), and execute those strategies and tactics consistent with your long term goals (as tweaked by circumstances). The opportunity is to be the author of your future. “You cannot predict the future, but you can create it.”

    What will be your next vacation?
    Probably to Las Vegas with wife – not to gamble, but just to relax.

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