Know a great example of excellence in our industry? Why not nominate a fellow company or even yourself for the Annual LA/NTMA Manufacturer of the Year Award! Inspired by companies that stand out in this industry, the LA/NTMA created this prestigious award to celebrate companies that are excelling in processes, product development, and application pertaining to precision tooling and machining. This award is given out once a year to a member of the Los Angeles Chapter of the NTMA. The past two recipients have been Axxis Corporation & Q-Mark Manufacturing

    Please fill out all applicable fields and download the form here. Our committee wants to be able to understand why you or your nomination is deserving of this award. To the extent you believe a particular field does not apply to you, please indicate N/A with an explanation. If you have any questions or need help filling out this document, don’t hesitate to call LA/NTMA: (949) 369-7309. Once completed, you can mail this form to the LA/NTMA  or email to: [email protected] Submissions due September 15, 2019.